The International Congregation in Breiðholts Church – ICB

Meetings this week

Meetings in this week (30th of March-  5th of April)

Temporally schedule while the gathering ban is going on

Because of the gathering ban and the special circumstances of society,
the regular meetings of the church are suspended from 16th of March to 13th of April.

Meanwhile, we would like to keep contact with people through the opening hours as following.
5-6 people can come at one time to speak to pastors or you are also welcome to have prayer time in the church in peace and quietness.

Thursdays: 13:00-15:00 Open hours at the Breiðholts-church/kirkja
Time to talk to pastors & for prayers

Sundays: 11:00 -12:00 Open hours at the Breiðholts-church/kirkja
Time for prayers

Staff of the church cannot be always in the church in those circumstances, so please contact them by phone or e-mails in time of need.

Toshiki Toma pastor: 779-7123
Ása Laufey  Sæmundsdóttir pastor: 869-9659 (Háteigs-church)
Steina Þorbegsdóttir deacon: 898-3096