The International Congregation in Breiðholts Church – ICB

Meetings this week

Meetings in this week (26th September – 2nd of October)

Seekers Café:
Tuesday 15:00  at the Háteigs-church

* not at the Breiðholts-church

Attention: Seekers’ Café is closed until it will be reopened

15:00-16:30 Free chatting
16:30-17:00 Prayer time for those who wish it

Seekers’ Café is an “open house” where people can meet and chat over coffee or tea, people who are seeking asylum in Iceland are especially welcome.
If you are an asylum seeker here in Iceland we would really like to hear your story. That is the main purpose of this open house.

There are many questions people are asking when they are seeking asylum and also other things they want to talk or complain about. We will invite someone who can answer the questions, or we will try to carry the complains to those who are responsible for that matter.

Getting acquainted is important and learning about each other and make new friends. We look forward to meeting you in Seekers Café.
Immigrants and Icelanders who want to support the refugees in Iceland are of course warmly welcome, too.

Sunday worship & prayer service:
October 2nd 14:00 at the Breiðholts-church

Worship & prayer service in English.  Cozy and homely service.
Small children are welcome, too.

Ása Laufey Sæmundsdóttir
Toshiki Toma

Örn Magnússon


There won’t be the Farsi service either in the Breiðholts-church on 25th.