The International Congregation in Breiðholts Church – ICB

English Holy Communion and Worship & Prayer Service

Sundays at 14:00

Gathering in English is held on every Sunday except on last Sunday of the month. The gathering begins at 2pm. Worship & Prayer service is held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday, Holy Communion is on the 2nd Sunday of the month (could be moved to 3rd Sunday sometimes).

Worship service in farsi is on the last Sunday of the month.

Toshiki Toma and Ása Laufey Sæmundsdóttir, pastors for immigrants and refugees serve.  The organist of Breiðholtskirkja, Örn Magnússon, plays piano and regularly teaches new hymns. Associating pastor is Rev. Magnús Björn Björnsson, parish priest of the Breiðholts-church.

Fellowship time with coffee after the meetings at the congregation hall. Those who want to join the Christian fellowship or to learn about Christianity are all welcome.

FACEBOOK PAGE of the International Congregation of NCI is here

Social evenings

The International Congregation of the Breiðholts-church wants to increase the fellowship among congregational members, and at the same time provide for the participants opportunity to get to know the Christian faith and Icelandic participants.

The Alpha course has been a good opportunity to do that. There we have dinner together, teaching in English and group activity. Alpha is a very popular program for introducing Christianity to non-Christians world wide in many churches.

Office-church and the main church for International Congregation. Breiðholts-kirkja/church